On-prem habitat builder depo


I am new to habitat and trying to build an on-prem depo in a completely air-gapped environment where I have no internet connectivity to get packages from habitat.sh effectively. Is there a starter kit available to achieve what I am trying to do. The other option which I was suggested by one of the geeks is to export the required packages from a server which can connect to internet and can deploy the depot. I have got the required packages in tar format. I have couple of questions here:

  • If this is a possible option, how do I point my habitat depot install to point to local packages.

  • Do I need to install those using hab pkg install command?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Probably I have the same:
I have on-prem builder in isolated network without Internet connectivity. I also have another network (work-network) where I have access to Internet and to isolated network. So I used bio-depot-sync: https://github.com/habitat-plans/bio-sdk/blob/master/lib/bio/depot/sync.rb:

hab pkg install ya/bio-sdk -fb
bio-depot-sync --help

If you completely haven’t Internet access you can download all packages from a channel using even curl, or populate scripts from on-prem, or by using sync.rb as reference so it will save hart-archive locally. Then upload them in a loop.

There is bastion host pattern you probably can try: you can make port forwarding from machine to builder, where machine itself is accessible from your machine, which in turn has Internet connection and do depot-sync

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