On Premise Builder - Unable to log in with Github Enterprise

I’m close… I feel like it is probably an SSL thing?

When I try signing in via the builder web interface the /v1/authenticate endpoint responds with


If I look in the supervisor logs I see

WARN 2018-07-19T17:44:32Z: habitat_builder_api::server::handlers: Oauth client error, HttpClient(Error {     kind: Io(Custom { kind: Other, error: StringError("unsuccessful tunnel") }), url: Some("https://GITHUB_ENTERPRISE_HOST/login/oauth/access_token?client_id=3c4548d53000198e57cb&client_secret=SEATEC_ASTRONOMY&code=19b7ce4747f698878a21") })

But, I can take that same URL and from my computer AND from the server where builder is running

curl | $(hab pkg path core/curl)/bin/curl | hab pkg exec core/curl curl

That URL and get back a successful OAuth response. So it seems like it is only happening inside the builder-api

Fixed: I accidentally left an unneeded HTTP_PROXY environment variable in my systemd unit :frowning:

Cool… proxy config is one of the top things to check - I’ll add this specific error to the tshooting section in the repo.