Oracle client 11g installation in Windows 2012R2

Hi Dear,

I am trying to install Oracle client 11g in windows instance. I have written PowerShell script trying to install by chef recipe. I am not getting any error while running but it’s not installing the application.

but when i installation from instance PowerShell prompt script is working fine. Please help me if someone has any other option to install.

powershell_script “oracle installation” do
code <<-EOH
$setuplocation = $startupfolder+‘setup.exe’

if (Test-Path $responsefile) {
Write-Host “Found our response file.”

if ( $here.ProviderPath -like "\\*" ) {
    Write-Warning "This folder MUST be local. Copy it to a local drive and run it from there. This can not be run from a network drive!!!"
    #Read-Host Press Any Key to Exit....
    exit }

$script = $setuplocation+" -silent "+'"ORACLE_HOSTNAME='+$computernameFQDN+'"'+' -responseFile "'+$responsefile+'"'

#write-host $script

Read-Host Press Enter to process the above command.

Write-Host Beginning…

Invoke-Expression -Command $script -Verbose

Start-Sleep -Seconds 30




Have you considered using chocolatey to install oracle?