Package resource does not consider option "--disablerepo=somerepo"



Question: Is there a way to install newer version of yum package using
package resource without re-prioritizing yum repos on the box ?

Problem description:
I have two repos enabled epel (priority 3) and rpmforge (priority 5).
epel repo has older version of the package


[vagrant@n1 ~]$ yum info python-twisted-core | grep Version -A 1
Version : 2.5.0
Release : 4.el5


[vagrant@n1 ~]$ yum --disablerepo=epel info python-twisted-core | grep
Version -A 1
Version : 8.2.0
Release : 1.el5.rf

I define resource the following way:

package “python-twisted-core” do
action :install
options "–disablerepo=epel"

but chef-client installs the older version which it found in epel (repo
with high priority). It does not take the option into consideration when
looks up for the available package version.

Even if I specify the exact version like that

package “python-twisted-core” do
action :install
options "–disablerepo=epel"
version "8.2.0-1.el5.rf"

it throws exception with the message that package of that version is not

Thank you,