Package Resource Stalls


I have a recipe that installs an rpm using the package resource.


package myRPM do
action :install
source "#{Chef::Config[:file_cache_path]}/#{myRPM}"
options "–nogpgcheck"


Where myRPM is the name of the rpm file.

This has normally works fine for us and creating a new VM and running it also
works fine. Recently running chef-client on a client that has been running this
recipe for a few months now has taken abnormally long (up to 20mins) where each
run would normally take ~90s.

I can watch the recipe as it stalls trying to install the already installed

Is there any reason it should be doing this or has anyone come across this

I am running chef 0.10.4, RHEL 5.3, and ruby 1.8.7.