Pass API Key for Windows Installation


Greetings All,

I am trying to install a windows package , CrowdStrike.exe via cookbook_file Resource , this installation requires Customer ID during the installation process. I have checked the configurations files to overwrite using Temaplate resource but unfortunately , i couldnt find any. Can any one please help me how to pass the Key during the silent installation below is the Code (Recipie) i use for installation,

windows_package 'WindowsSensor' do
source 'file:///C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/CrowdStrike-windows/files/default/WindowsSensor.exe'
options '/qn'
installer_type :custom
action :install

I also tried Using Checksum but the recipie fails.

Below is the screen shot of Installation while trying to perform manually im not sure how to pass this Key using in the receipe.

Please help.



I did a search for "crowdstrike falcon silent install" and this was the top article:

It suggests you need to pass in a CID parameter in your options, i.e:

  options "/install /quiet /norestart CID=MyCIDWithChecksumValue"


Stuart, this work's perfect now..! appreciate for the immediate response..

Great thanks.. :slight_smile: