Plataform specific cookbooks

Ohai :slight_smile:

I found weird to have cookbooks depends on platform specific cookbooks
such as 'yum' or 'apt', but some cookbooks have them and if one recipe
use them, seems reasonable to tell somehow the user to have it
installed. Anyway, it still feels a bit wrong.
This also happend with cookbooks that can use different alternatives
for one functionality, such as databases. Does make sense to have the
mysql and sqlite as a depend if you are going to use just one?

Joshua Timberman pointed out the same issue in a pull-request the
other day. Why do I have to install the 'yum' coobook in a Debian box?
Personally, I don't like it much.

So, here (finally) my question. How should we manage this?:

  • Should we put at depends always all the cookbook that can be used by
    any of our recipes?
  • Should we put just the ones are always used and document the rest at
    the README file?
  • [other options here]