Platform_family , platform is resulting null value on sles15 opearting system


Hi ,

Please help me for below chef issue issue on latest released sles15 operating issue.

platform_family , platform is not resulting anything on sles15 operating system . i am seeing one more issue for package resource i.e

undefined method `version' for nil:NilClass

Even , Ohai doesn't have a option like platform_family on sles15 operating system.


This should be resolved in a future release by (edit, fixed cutoff link)


Pretty sure Seth meant When we release Ohai / Chef 14.6 this will be resolved. SLES changed how the system information is presented so we had to update our detection logic.



Thanks Seth and Tim for quick reply . we are seeing one more issue with chef-14.6 on sles12 , sles15 operating system for upgrade action for package resource . package is not getting upgraded and its always saying package is up to date even there are latest package is available in repo . i am seeing this issue has already been posted .

zypper upgrade is broken #4863

Can you please update on this issue. Thanks in advance.