Policyfiles and/or Berkshelf

So Policyfile is the default now and we have gone from Berkshelf to Policyfile entirely. But now I feel that I might want to keep Policyfiles separated from Cookbooks most of the time and use Berkshelf in Cookbooks again. And to do dependency management and Cookbook testing with Berkshelf and use the separated Policyfiles for tying things together and creating run lists for the nodes.
So the main question is: What is the best practise here now? Use Policyfiles in Cookbooks for testing and dependency management and have extra Policyfiles that define actual run lists for nodes? Keep using Berkshelf in Cookbooks in conjunction with the separated Policyfiles? Will Berkshelf be phased out ultimately soon so this question is moot anyway? I am pretty unsure here. I kind of prefer the Berkshelf/Policyfile-way at the moment. But if Berkshelf is going the way that chef-provision went earlier I don't want to climb up that mountain.

Thx for your help :slight_smile:


I'm not sure I understand your question in it's entirety but Policyfiles should be used as a direct replacement for Roles and should be separated from your cookbooks. Just think of a policy as a Role with more safety and a higher level of control than a role.