Postgres::ruby.rb precedence


Hello everybody,

I’m trying to use database cookbook, but I have some problem:

  • with proxy (wrote in another post)
  • with execution precedence

In spite of my run-list is set to execute postgresql::ruby at last [1],
actually it is executed at first and it fails for two reasons:

  1. because proxy inside yum.conf isn’t set yet (it is set inside
    system-prereq recipe, the first one) and as a consequence required packages
    installation via yum required in postgresql::ruby fails

  2. because I can’t manage postgresql::ruby pg gem installation behind a

In this moment I’m focusing on point 1).

If postgresql::ruby was executed at last, then I could concentrate on point

I’m quite new to chef, but it seems that postgresql::ruby is executed at
compile-time (the only reference I can find is related to stage “Expand the
run-list” [2]), before convergence.

Can anybody give me some hint, if possible, to find a solution?

[1] INFO interface: info: [2013-05-23T17:22:22+00:00] INFO: Run List
expands to [system-prereq, build-essential, postgresql::server,