Postgresql -- config file change fails to trigger restart

Hi --

I'm using the postgresql cookbook here:
with Chef-solo, on VirtualBox, using Vagrant.
(I'm also using a repmgr cookbook for replication, but I don't think
that's the issue.)

In my own cookbook's attributes/default.rb file I'm including
default[:postgresql][:config][:listen_addresses] = '*'

The chef run fails when repmgr tries to connect to the database and fails.

---- Begin output of /usr/bin/repmgr -f /etc/repmgr/repmgr.conf master
register ----
STDERR: Connection to database failed: could not connect to server:
Connection refused
Is the server running on host "" and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
---- End output of /usr/bin/repmgr -f /etc/repmgr/repmgr.conf master
register ----
Ran /usr/bin/repmgr -f /etc/repmgr/repmgr.conf master register returned 6
The postgresql server is indeed running. However, it is not listening
on (That's the local interface set up by VirtualBox.)
If I restart (not reload) postgresql then it does what I expect and
listens on

My expectation is that adding the :listen_address = '*' attribute should
trigger a restart.
The Usage documentation states "On server systems, the postgres server
is restarted when a configuration file changes."

Am I doing something wrong, or how can I work around this issue? Is
there some way to force a restart?

Thanks for your help!


Liam Kirsher