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I am attempting to write a PowerShell client for Chef so that I can retrieve configuration information about nodes in native PowerShell.

I thought I had got to the point where I was signing the request properly, but the server rejects my request each time stating an invalid signature.

I am trying to replicate how the chef-client does the initial communication and creates the header signatures to the API. To that end I have used Fiddler2 and also looked at the code for Chef in GitHub. I know that the 'hashed path' and 'hashed content' attributes are correct as I have been checking the headers from chef-client for the same request.

Now obviously I am not able to do a straight comparison of the signatures between the two clients as it will change everytime. So I am now trying to find out how to debug this some more.

I notice that in the Mixlib::Authentication Gem it has got some logging about the signature but only for debug. How can I turn on debugging on the Chef server so I can see the authentication requests come in and try to work out what is going on? I am using Chef server 11.4.0.

I am 99% sure it is a problem with the way in which the signature is being encrypted, indeed I can encrypt and decrypt the signature in PowerShell without issue. But I need to verify if Ruby can do the decryption as well, which I am working on.

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