Preview of new dsc_resource property

New cookbook -

Chef 12.6 will introduce a new property to the dsc_resource resource. When the API that is used by dsc_resource to enforce a desired state (the set method), the API returns a boolean noting if the DSC resource requested a reboot to continue.

This request is separate from any other mechanism that is used by components of the Windows operating system to indicate a reboot is needed (but may be in conjunction with one or more of them).

When this API returns that a reboot is requested, the reboot_action property is used to dynamically create a reboot resource. Valid arguments for reboot_action (at this time) are :reboot_now and :request_reboot. These are the same actions as the reboot resource takes.

This allows you to control reboot requests from DSC in a Chef-friendly fashion.

This cookbook adds reboot_action to Chef 12.4.x and 12.5.x, you just need to include the cookbook as a dependency for cookbooks that leverage dsc_resource.