Private Supermarket and multiple chef-servers

There are multiple isolated standalone chef-servers each maintaining several nodes.
If I install a Private Supermarket, will all nodes from all chef-servers be able resolve the cookbook dependencies when running chef-client on them? So if all chef-servers are able to interact with the Supermarket, then we only need to publish cookbooks to the Supermarket and do not need to upload cookbooks to the chef-servers?
How does the maintain process work between a Private Supermarket and chef-server(s)?

The chef supermarket is more for cookbook development and dependency resolution whereby you don’t have to rely on an external site to solve your dependencies.

As for authentication, which requires a chef-server, it appears there’s a 1:1 relationship between chef-server and supermarket. Of course, you can authenticate apparently across several orgs however it doesn’t look like you can setup authentication across several chef-servers. You might want to get into the chefcommunity slack to see about some additional info. If you’re a Chef customer, I think you can get access to the chef-success slack and there is a supermarket channel there where you can ask some more targeted questions.

Hope this points you in the right direction for help.

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