So I’m administrating a private chef server behind a proxy/firewall.

I have environment variables: http_proxy, https_proxy, HTTP_PROXY,
HTTPS_PROXY setup to allow things like gem and curl/wget to access internet

However when trying to do ‘knife cookbook list’ I get a 404 as the proxy
isn’t allowed to connect back into the network.

I added a no_proxy to the knife.rb with a list of all the hosts internally
to the network but it still appears that ‘knife cookbook’ still tries to go
via the proxy settings in those environment variables.

This is double annoying because if you -VV the (knife cookbook list)
command it doesn’t mention that it’s doing this (connecting to proxy) so it
was confusing when first discovered.

Is this a bug? Or am i missing the point of no_proxy in my knife.rb?