Public Builder Package Upload Issues

As of our latest release of Public Builder that shipped role-based access control 1, we’ve become aware of an unintended side-effect that ultimately prevents users other than those in the Administrator role from uploading packages using hab pkg upload, even though Member and Maintainer roles should have this ability.

The underlying cause of this issue is that command-line invocations of hab pkg upload optimistically attempts to upload the public half of the package signing key during every package upload.

We’re currently working on a fix to be deployed shortly that will not block these requests as long as the public package signing key already exists in the Depot. For uploading packages signed with a new key, you’ll still need permissions to create this key.

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing issues uploading packages as a result of this, you can use the an Administrator-level account in your origin to either:

  • upload the package
  • elevate the permissions of your account to Administrator for the time being

Elevating User Roles

Using the latest release of Habitat (1.6.139) and an administrator account, you can run the following:

hab origin rbac set <MEMBER_ACCOUNT> administrator --origin <ORIGIN>

Resolution Timeline

The fix 2 will be published and deployed soon. We’ve scheduled a maintenance window for Thursday, August 27th at 09:30AM PDT.

The permissions fixes to remediate this issue have been deployed as of today, August 27th at12:50PM PST.