Push Jobs Client 2.1.0 Released


The Push Jobs Client 2.1.0 is now available via the downloads site. This is the first stable release since version 1.3.4 and it contains several enhancements and bug fixes that are outlined in the changelog. This version of the Push Jobs Client is the recommended release for all Push Jobs users.

Push Jobs Client 2.1.0 offers stability and security improvements over the 1.3.4 client and is ready for the new features that will be present in the upcoming 2.x Push Jobs Server release. Push Jobs Client 2.1.0 maintains compatibility with the 1.x Push Jobs Server. The upcoming Push Jobs Server 2.x release will only be compatible with 2.x versions of the Push Jobs Client. The Push Jobs Client can be upgraded now so that when the Push Jobs Server 2.x release occurs the upgrade process is easier.

Thanks for using Chef.

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If you use the Push Jobs cookbook to install the Push Jobs Client, you’ll need to ensure you update to version 2.7.0 or later of the cookbook to install Push Jobs Client 2.1.0. Previous versions of the cookbook have an error when trying to install Push Jobs Client 2.0 or greater.

I also failed to note in the original announcement an important point about backwards compatibility of the Push Jobs Client 2.1.0 with the 1.x Push Jobs server. For the 2.1.0 client to talk with the 1.x server, the allow_unencrypted configuration option must be set to true for the Push Jobs 2.1.0 client. Otherwise it will be unable to communicate with the 1.x server.