Rake bundle_cookbook malfunctioning?



According to


you should be able to run “rake bundle_cookbook[…]” to have a tar.gz
created of your cookbook. I tested this, but I get a tgz file only
with the top level cookbook folder, but without any sub-contents.

For example:

master $ rake bundle_cookbook[postgresql]
(in /Users/ringods/Projects/Atriso/pas)
a ./postgresql

ringods@AtrisoBook ~/Projects/Atriso/pas
master $ ls -ls pkgs/
total 8
8 -rw-r–r-- 1 ringods staff 134 May 1 18:44 postgresql.tar.gz

ringods@AtrisoBook ~/Projects/Atriso/pas
master $ tar tfz pkgs/postgresql.tar.gz

That’s all…

This is with Chef 0.9.12.