Re: Re: Re: chat logs missing from community/supermarket site

The legacy IRC logs were intentionally not carried over to the Supermarket.
Primary reason behind this is that, as Noah mentioned, our intent is to
make the Supermarket the best place to share Cookbooks and, eventually,
other tools and plugins that exist within the Chef ecosystem.

The legacy site included many interesting features that did not directly
contribute to this goal including the IRC logs, lists of upcoming meetups,
and a (rarely used) questions and ideas section.

We've found that delivers on their promise to "make IRC logs
awesome." Their user experience is definitely much better than the IRC
logging we had on the legacy site.

It's reasonable that a URL such as should be able to
provide more detail than a generic 404. I've opened Issue #578 [0] on the
Supermarket project on GitHub [1].

This is our community site, please help make it better by participating in
the process. (In case it's not clear, everyone who participates in the
community is covered under the word "our" in the previous sentence. Please
DO NOT misread "our" as "Chef Software, Inc.")

[0] Visitors to legacy IRC URLs should be encouraged to look elsewhere for IRC logs · Issue #578 · chef/supermarket · GitHub
[1] GitHub - chef/supermarket: Chef's community platform


On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Noah Kantrowitz

On Jul 9, 2014, at 1:18 PM, Phil Mocek wrote:

Signed PGP part
Noah Kantrowitz wrote:

chef software isn't maintaining logs any longer

Have Opscode intentionally purged the log archives they previously

I don't work for Chef Software so I can't speak to their intention, but I
would guess it was deemed a non-critical feature of the old site. The old
community site had a large number of features that were not carried over as
they weren't critical to the core goal of improved cookbook sharing (ex.
indexing Chef meetup events). I would continue this guess forward that if
you were interested in submitting a pull request with this feature for the
new site, they would be happy to provide it to the community (either as a
new web app or as part of supermarket), though I'm sure the devil would be
in the details.