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I tried this with 4 or 5 of the recipes in my cook book, they all averaged
ab out 20 seconds each. Didn't matter if it was a super market one, or one
of my own. Max was 24 seconds, min was 18 after about 6 tests.

Its not network for me. I have 30 megs up to a 100meg down data centre.
Latency isn't horrible either.

I ran the upload with the -d flag, they authentication portion of the
upload happens pretty quick. Looks like uploads take about 4 put requests,
each of those took about 4 to 5 seconds to complete.

I confirmed this by looking at the logs on the server it self, and they
agree. To upload mongodb it was a GET POST PUT PUT, and took about 18

So far, what I'm seeing seems to jive with what others are saying.

Steve Danna suggested i point berks at a local chef-zero instance. I have
no idea how to do that yet, so I'll have to research it :slight_smile:


On Fri Dec 12 2014 at 6:03:44 PM Kevin Keane Subscription <> wrote:

You may be able to verify this by just uploading one of the supermarket
cookbooks by itself; that will take your own cookbook out of the equation.

time berks upload yum --force

I also found the uploads very, very slow even for small cookbooks, but it
was never a big enough nuisance for me to investigate.

Two things that I suspect in my case:

  • It may be a network connectivity issue. In my case, the workstation is
    on a T-1, the chef server is behind a DSL line.

  • More likely, my chef server may be underpowered; it's running on a
    relatively small virtual machine (2 GB). Maybe some database operation or
    so needs a beefier VM and/or need some tuning.

Kevin Keane

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Good call but my .kitchen folder is 1 meg, so I don't think that is it.
All of terida-base is 1.5 megs.

On Thu Dec 11 2014 at 2:45:32 PM Peter Burkholder

Make sure you don't have any 'huge' files that are being uploaded. You
may need a 'chefignore' file to ignore .kitchen/ if you're doing
KitchenCI. E.g. set 'terrida-base/chefignore' to include a line with


On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Jeff MacDonald <> wrote:


I'm uploading from a MacBook with 16 gigs of ram, to a VM running chef
server with 4 gigs of ram. 30mbit/s upload speed.

To do a berks upload of about 6 cookbooks takes over 3 minutes. Seems
kind of slow to me, but I don't understand all of its inner workings.

Just looking for some feedback to understand this or make it better..

time berks upload --force
Uploaded apt (2.6.0) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded build-essential (2.1.3) to: 'https://chef:443/
Uploaded mongodb (0.16.2) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded python (1.4.6) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded runit (1.5.10) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded terida-base (0.1.0) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded yum (3.5.1) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'
Uploaded yum-epel (0.5.3) to: 'https://chef:443/organizations/terida'

real 2m58.414s
user 0m7.241s
sys 0m1.433s