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That's one way to do it, though chef-rewind presents the same ability with a bit more syntactic sugar.

Calvin Worsnup <> wrote:

Additionally, I learned a cool trick recently.

You can "override" the source cookbook and file of a template. Example:include_recipe 'varnish'begin r = resources(:template => node['varnish']['default']) r.source "custom-default.erb" r.cookbook "mosaic"rescue Chef::Exceptions::ResourceNotFound Chef::Log.warn "could not find VARNISH template to override!"End

Where mosaic is our custom cookbook for our product and custom-default.erb is our custom default we want the Varnish Community Cookbook to use. It was fantastic for changing a small element of the cookbook without having to fork it entirely :slight_smile:


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I'd recommend watching Jamie's presentation:


On Mar 19, 2014, at 2:52 PM, Sam Darwin <> wrote:


I have just started reading about Berkshelf. The first thing which comes

to mind, is the fact that cookbooks are not like ruby gems: because it's nice

to customize cookbooks. Usually the ruby gems can be used as-is.

So, let's say you write a wrapper customized nginx cookbook, and pull in a

community nginx cookbook from Berkshelf. What causes them to mesh/overlap?

Does the "depends" statement, or the "include_recipe" statement cause all

aspects of the community cookbook to be exposed and available to the customized

cookbook? i.e. not just the recipes, but all the templates, files,

definitions, etc are imported to the new cookbook? which command does that?

Secondly, let's say you want to customize only a small aspect.Modify only a

single template. modify a single attribute. modify a small part of a recipe.

How does these things integrate ? How does the community cookbook and your

new customized cookbook come together, into a brand new super cookbook?

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