Recipe throws an error at reboot


I have a reboot block called from a ruby block

ruby_block “xxx” do

notifies :reboot_now, ‘reboot[reboot_me]’, :immediate

reboot ‘reboot_me’ do
action :nothing

It does work and however I get following error

  ERROR: Running exception handlers
  Running handlers complete
  ERROR: Exception handlers complete
  Chef Client failed. 5 resources updated xxxxxx
  FATAL: Stacktrace dumped xxxxxxx
  FATAL: Please provide xxxxx
  ERROR: Rebooting server at a recipe's request: {:delay_mins=>0; xxxxx}
  FATAL: Chef::Exception::ChildConvergeError: Chef run process exited unsuccessfully (exit code 35)

I have tried to delay the reboot used delay_mins etc but I still get similar error, nothing interesting in stacktrace, what I may be doing wrong?


I think it’s working as expected.

Basically, you want your node to reboot so chef doesn’t exit successfully because you have yet to reboot.

Got it thanks

It makes sense now, but looking at the error, it looked dumb:-(



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In chef 12, a reboot would return exit code 0
In chef 13, a reboot returns exit code 35

More details are in this RFC

The intent of this switch is so that at a future date, external tools will be able to detect if chef rebooted a vm and intelligently resume a chef-client run. Presently you need to leave behind some mechanism to run chef after the reboot (windows scheduled task, linux cron job).