Regression in chef push

we’re aware of a regression in chef push in the latest Chef DK - 2.0.26 - that prevents uploaded policies from working.
We’re expecting to get a fix out today but in the meantime we advise users of policyfiles not to upgrade. If you have upgraded, you’ll need to delete and re-push any policies using either ChefDK 1.5.0 or the fixed version when released.
Please accept my sincere apologies for this defect; we’ll be conducting a post-mortem and I’ll follow up with the details of that when I have them.

FYI, the bug report is here:

If you have any cookbooks you need to delete, you can use knife raw to do so, like this:

knife raw -m DELETE /cookbook_artifacts/COOKBOOK_NAME/COOKBOOK_IDENTIFIER

Lastly, the fix for the issue has just been merged here: