[Release Announcement] ChefDK 0.11 released!

Greetings folks!

I’m happy to let everyone know that we have released Chef DK 0.11.2.

As per the pre-release announcement, there are a number of features and improvements:

  • Updated versions of dependencies, including OpenSSL 1.0.1r with the latest security fixes.
  • Updated CA Certs which adds the latest root certificates.
  • Updated to include Chef 12.7.2 and Ohai 8.10.0.
  • Lots of PolicyFile updates and improvements - added support for community cookbooks, improvements to native policy export, improved policy logging, better PolicyFile validation, etc. (Important note: Once you upgrade to ChefDK 0.11 policy files, you have to make sure you are also running Chef Client 12.7+ in test kitchen).
  • An improved Windows installer which is now much faster.
  • Updated Test-Kitchen (1.5.0) with lots of fixes and improvements.
  • New Knife-Windows (1.2.1) now supporting NTLM authentication from Linux.

Please see the CHANGELOG ( https://github.com/chef/chef-dk/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md ) for the full details.

Released builds of ChefDK 0.11 are available in the stable channel, as well as on the Chef downloads site ( https://downloads.chef.io/chef-dk/ )

You can use the following commands to install the builds:

Linux and OS/X:

curl https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.sh | sudo bash -s -- -P chefdk -v 0.11.2

Windows: open up a Powershell command prompt as Administrator, and type:

. { iwr -useb https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.ps1 } | iex; install -project chefdk -version 0.11.2

Thanks for using Chef!

Salim Alam
Principal Software Engineer
Chef Software, Inc.

Quick question @Salim_Alam, does this release include the bugfixes allow editing policies on the node attributes that @kallistec mentioned in this thread? Thanks!