Release chefdk 0.14

Ohai Chefs!

The new Chefdk 0.14 release is out and can be downloaded here

Some of the notable changes of this release include:

  • Test-Kitchen 1.8.0 with the ability to run winrm commands from a scheduled task and improved policy file support
  • Adding additional tools such as: git, delivery CLI, and a push jobs client
  • Cookstyle linter

Please find the detailed Changelog here.

You will find more information on some of these features in the ReleaseNotes here.

You can use the following commands to install the builds:

Linux and OS/X:

curl | sudo bash -s -- -P chefdk -v 0.14.25

Windows: open up a Powershell command prompt as Administrator, and type:

. { iwr -useb } | iex; install -project chefdk -version 0.14.25

Please report any issues found to the chef-dk github page, under Issues.

Prajakta Purohit