Remote_directory doesn't obey File Specificity identically as cookbook_file does


With Chef Solo v12.18.31, I had such a remote_directory block:

remote_directory "/root/.ssh" do
    files_mode 0o600
    files_owner 'root'
    files_group node['root_group']
    mode 0o700
    owner 'root'
    group node['root_group']
    source "default.ssh"

I had created the default.ssh directory directly in the cookbooks files directory. This did not work:

cookbook ew has no directory files/default/default.ssh

I had to move the default.ssh directory to files/default.

This behaviour does not match the behaviour of cookbook_file.

I assume the behaviour of cookbook_file to be correct, per the docs at

The docs of remote_directory aren’t as “verbose” on It simply states:

The remote_directory resource will obey file specificity.

As there’s no definition of “file specificity” on the remote_directory documentation, I guess that “file specificity” of remote_directory and cookbook_file should mean the same.

Can anyone confirm? Is this a known bug?