Remove recipe from run so can reload in a loop


I am trying to run a recipe in a loop, passing a different attribute value to that recipe on each iteration of the loop. But it looks like if include a recipe 1 time, it is always included and it maintains the state of the initial load. So I want to know how I can remove/unload the recipe from the run so I can include it again?

default[‘example’][‘attribute’][‘combinedversion’]. = [‘6.2’, ‘7.2’, ‘7.4’]

node['example']['attribute']['combinedversion'].each do | version |

    node.override['example']['attribute']['version'] = version
    include_recipe 'mycookbook::my_recipe'


looks like there was a way by using the run_state, but not sure how it will work now that the :seen_recipes is deprecated.

I can list the recipes, that have been loaded like:

ruby_block "run_state" do
  block do
    run_context.loaded_recipes.each do | x |
      puts x

Now how can I remove one that is listed???

Thank You!!


This is not supported and will break a lot of things if you try to do it. Convert your recipe into a custom resource instead :slight_smile:


That’s sad to hear, I have not done custom resources before, so I guess I’ll have to learn.