[RESOLVED] Error Resolving Cookbooks for Run List

Hi All.

I am experiencing a weird issue with Chef at the moment and was wondering if anyone has possibly had this same problem before?

I am trying to deploy a cookbook using test kitchen and Hyper-V.
Using kitchen create works as expected and spins up my new VM (Windows Server 2012 R2).

I then execute kitchen converge and this ends up failing with an error: “Error Resolving Cookbooks for Run List”.
Also get messages: “No such cookbook: wbx_server” and “* wbx_server::default”

After tons of investigation, I have found that the cookbooks are not being extracted on the newly created VM in the %TEMP%/kitchen folder and hence the error above.

I am executing my kitchen commands from a Windows Server 2016 machine running Hyper-V.
Version info (chef --version):

  • Chef Development Kit Version: 2.1.11
  • chef-client version: 13.2.20
  • delivery version: master (73ebb72a6c42b3d2ff5370c476be800fee7e5427)
  • berks version: 6.3.0
  • kitchen version: 1.17.0
  • inspec version: 1.33.1

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue?

I will gladly provide more details and related Chef files if required.


After further testing, found that installing ChefDK version 2.0.28 fixed my issue.

Would anybody then know what could be the possible breaking change in version 2.1.11?


This was almost definitely related to the issue resolved with Kitchen-vagrant 1.2.1 Released.


Hi there!

This seems related to this bug: Kitchen converge fails to copy cookbooks over winrm in certain cases #1275

Please, take a look to the Github issue for a workaround.

Thanks for reporting this issue, @ghensberg, I found the same problem in my work computer (everything working fine in my home computer) and was totally lost until I found your message.

I’m using the latest ChefDK 2.3.4 and the bug is still there, but the workaround works.