[RESOLVED] Sharing library code from one cookbook in another cookbook

Let me explain my problem in detail.
As part of my chef run, i install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 followed by the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
I have two cookbooks: one for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and one for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Composition of the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

In the libraries/helper.rb file of this cookbook, i have the following code defined

require 'chef/version_constraint’
require ‘win32/registry’

    module Ctx_VisualStudio
      module Helper

        def self.is_vs_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey)
          #File.exists?(File.join(node['vs-2015']['install_dir'], '\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe'))
            Chef::Log.info("The registry key #{vsDetectionKey} does not exist.")
        return false

            {:name => 'Install', :type => :dword, :data => 1},

        def self.get_sp_version(vsVersion)
          Win32::Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.open('SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vs\Servicing\#{vsVersion}\enterprise') do |reg|
          reg_val = reg['UpdateVersion']
          return reg_val

        def self.is_sp_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey,vsVersion,reqSpVersion)
            return false

          sp_version = get_sp_version(vsVersion)
          Chef::Log.info("The installed version of the service pack is:#{sp_version}")
          Chef::VersionConstraint.new(">= #{reqSpVersion}").include?(sp_version)



Chef::Recipe.send(:include, Ctx_VisualStudio::Helper)
Chef::Resource.send(:include, Ctx_VisualStudio::Helper) 

These functions are used to detect the presence of the requisite version of Visual Studio, check if the correct service pack is installed for Visual Studio etc.
My recipes directory in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 has the following files:

The code for default.rb looks as follows:
include_recipe ‘vs-2015::dotnet_prereq’

# We require 7-zip in order to extract the ISOs
include_recipe 'seven_zip'

# Enable/disable Nuget package restore
include_recipe 'vs-2015::nuget'

# Install VS
include_recipe 'vs-2015::install

I can successfully make use of the library functions defined in the libraries/helper.rb, in install.rb as well as install_update.rb of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. This is not an issue as the library functions are defined in the libraries/helper.rb of the same cookbook.

The problem arises when i try to make use of the library functions in the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 in the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
The structure of the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is identical to the structure of the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

What i am trying to do is , in the install.rb and install_update.rb files of the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, i try to access the functions defined in libraries/helper.rb of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

The install.rb file of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, from where i try to consume the library functions in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 has the following code:

# Ensure the installation ISO url has been set by the user
if !node['vs-2012']['source']
  raise 'visualstudio source attribute must be set before running this cookbook'

Chef::Log.info("Starting Visual Studio #{node['vs-2012']['year']} installation. ")

edition = node['vs-2012']['edition']
vsDetectionRegKey = node['vs-2012']['premium']['detection_regkey']
install_url = File.join(node['vs-2012']['source'], node['vs-2012'][edition]['filename'])
cache_iso = win_friendly_path(File.join(Chef::Config[:file_cache_path], node['vs-2012'][edition]['filename']))
install_log_file = win_friendly_path(
  File.join(node['vs-2012']['install_dir'], 'vsinstall.log'))

iso_extraction_dir = win_friendly_path(File.join(Chef::Config[:file_cache_path], node['vs-2012']['version']))
setup_exe_path = File.join(iso_extraction_dir, node['vs-2012'][edition]['installer_file'])
admin_deployment_xml_file = win_friendly_path(File.join(iso_extraction_dir, 'AdminDeployment.xml'))

# Extract the ISO image to the tmp dir
seven_zip_archive "extract_#{node['vs-2012']['version']}_iso" do
  path iso_extraction_dir
  source install_url
  overwrite true
  checksum node['vs-2012'][edition]['checksum']
  not_if { Ctx_VisualStudio::Helper.is_vs_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey) }

# Create installation config file
#cookbook_file admin_deployment_xml_file do
# source 'AdminDeployment-' + edition + '.xml'
# action :create
#not_if { vs_is_installed }

# This allows us to use recipe to install other versions of Visual Studio such as 2013.
# This allows an user to specify their custom AdminDeployment.xml from anywhere such as Visual Studio 2013.
# By default this doesn't gets executed if you don't define in a role or attributes file the a value for node['vs-2012']['admin_deployment_xml_file_src']
if node['vs-2012']['admin_deployment_xml_file_src']
  remote_file admin_deployment_xml_file do
    source node['vs-2012']['admin_deployment_xml_file_src']
    checksum node['vs-2012']['admin_deployment_xml_file_checksum']
    action :create
    not_if {Ctx_VisualStudio::Helper.is_vs_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey)}

# Install Visual Studio
#windows_package node['vs-2012'][edition]['package_name'] do
 # source setup_exe_path
 # installer_type :custom
 # options "/Q /norestart /Log \"#{install_log_file}\" /AdminFile \"#{admin_deployment_xml_file}\""
 # notifies :delete, "directory[#{iso_extraction_dir}]", :immediately
 # notifies :delete, "file[#{cache_iso}]", :immediately
  #success_codes [0, 127, 3010]
 # timeout node['vs-2012']['timeout'] # 1hour
 # not_if { vs_is_installed }

# Install Visual Studio
#There is no way to capture the exit codes from the previously used Chef resource: windows_package
#The windows_package resource internally uses the Mixlib::ShellOut class.
#Hence, i am using the same class explicitly and capturing the status of the execution from the exitstatus member.

ruby_block "Installing Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2012" do
  block do
      cmd = Mixlib::ShellOut.new("#{setup_exe_path} /Q /NoRestart /Log \"#{install_log_file}\" /AdminFile \"#{admin_deployment_xml_file}\"")
      cmd.timeout = node['vs-2012']['timeout']

      #Check for the exit codes here
      when cmd.exitstatus == 0
       Chef::Log.info("Successful installation.")
      when cmd.exitstatus == 3010
           Chef::Log.info("Successful installation.")
           Chef::Log.warn("Please reboot the system after a successful run of Install-BuildMachine.ps1")    
      when cmd.exitstatus == -2147205120
         Chef::Log.error("Installation is blocked.")
         Chef::Log.error("More information can be found in the log file:#{install_log_file}") 
       when cmd.exitstatus == -2147172352
         Chef::Log.error("Installation is blocked due to a pending reboot.")
         Chef::Log.error("Please reboot the system and execute Install-BuildMachine.ps1 to continue with the installation.")
       when cmd.exitstatus == -2147185721
         Chef::Log.error("Restart is required before installation can continue.")
         Chef::Log.error("The installation of Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with Update 3 will resume after a reboot.") 
          Chef::Log.fatal("There was an error installing Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with Update 3.")
          Chef::Log.fatal("More information can be found in the log file:#{install_log_file}. Exit code:#{cmd.exitstatus}") 
  notifies :delete, "directory[#{iso_extraction_dir}]", :immediately
  notifies :delete, "file[#{cache_iso}]", :immediately
  not_if {Ctx_VisualStudio::Helper.is_vs_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey)} 

# Cleanup extracted ISO files from tmp dir
directory iso_extraction_dir do
  action :nothing
  recursive true
  not_if { node['vs-2012']['preserve_extracted_files'] }

file cache_iso do
  action :nothing
  backup false
  not_if { node['vs-2012']['preserve_cache_iso']}

When i try to do that, i am blocked with the following error:
undefined method `registry_key_exists?’ for Chef::DSL::RegistryHelper:Module

What am i doing wrong here?
In the metadata.rb of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 cookbook, i have introduced a dependency on the cookbook for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

I thought once the library was included you could just say

not_if { is_vs_installed?(vsDetectionRegKey) }

and not have to :: namespace it. Does your existing notation work in a normal resource as opposed to a resource defined in seven_zip?

Thanks . You are right. There was no need of a namespace.