[RESOLVED] Stuck with knife ssh


I am going through the chef tutorial here and I got stuck in the step where I am to use knife ssh on my workstation to call chef-client on my newly bootstrapped node.

I was able to run chef-client manually on the node, so the problem seems to be at the 'workstation' from which I am trying to run knife ssh.

Output and trace file here:

I may have missed a step, but I can't figure out what is wrong.
should I be bootstrapping the workstation as well before I can use knife ssh?
it seems to be looking for certificate files that are missing in /etc/chef.


In order to run chef on the remote host, yes, you need to bootstrap the remote host. "knife ssh" is just a wrapper for SSH, one that can be used to audit the chef server and ask for a list of target hosts.


I see.
it works after I bootstrapped the workstation.
the tutorial is vague as to where I should be running knife ssh from, which was the root of my confusion.