[RESOLVED] Windows_package install Mcafee agent .exe

I am trying to install Mcafee agent on windows box using this resource:
windows_package ‘Mcafee’ do
source 'FramePkg.exe’
action :install
installer_type :custom
options '/install=agent /silent’

chef-client run showing it installed the agent but i dont see it on the machine under programs and features?

PS C:\Users\chef> chef-client
Starting Chef Client, version 12.15.19
[2017-02-21T14:47:52+00:00] INFO: *** Chef 12.15.19 ***
[2017-02-21T14:47:52+00:00] INFO: Platform: x64-mingw32
[2017-02-21T14:47:52+00:00] INFO: Chef-client pid: 2672
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Run List is [recipe[installagents]]
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Run List expands to [installagents]
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Starting Chef Run for machine-name
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Running start handlers
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Start handlers complete.
resolving cookbooks for run list: [“installagents”]
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Loading cookbooks [installagents@0.1.0]
Synchronizing Cookbooks:
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Storing updated cookbooks/installagents/recipes/default.rb in the cache.

  • installagents (0.1.0)
    Installing Cookbook Gems:
    Compiling Cookbooks…
    Converging 1 resources
    Recipe: installagents::default
  • windows_package[Mcafee] action install[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Processing windows_package[Mcafee] action in
    stall (installagents::default line 10)
    [2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: windows_package[Mcafee] installed Mcafee at latest

    • install version latest of package Mcafee
      [2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Chef Run complete in 0.703161 seconds

Running handlers:
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Running report handlers
Running handlers complete
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Report handlers complete
Chef Client finished, 1/1 resources updated in 04 seconds
[2017-02-21T14:47:56+00:00] INFO: Sending resource update report (run-id: 1c1e7410-b694-417f-bffe-4edaf6f058d1)
PS C:\Users\chef>

i fixed it by pushing the .exe file with the cookbook_file to the node.