Resources added by custom lwrp not running

I’m trying to use the bluepill recipe from

It’s working great for the basic case. However because I’m doing some
symlink magic I need bluepill to reload when the symlinks change. So
I’ve added the following “reload” action to
bluepill/providers/service.rb (

action :reload do
if @bp.running
execute "echo ‘doing restart’ >>
/tmp/debug;#{node[‘bluepill’][‘bin’]} #{new_resource.service_name}
execute "echo ‘doing reload’ >>
/tmp/debug;#{node[‘bluepill’][‘bin’]} load

This is modeled after the other actions in the provider and I have
verified that the action is processed. However the ‘execute’ resources
created by this action are never processed. So far digging around with
the debugger, print statements, and every thing else I can think of
hasn’t gotten me any where.

Any suggestions how I can debug this or why the ‘execute’ resources
aren’t getting processed.