Restoring a backup hosed my perfectly good chef12 server

After doing a backup, then a restore I recived an error and now the system is broken (no web UI and knife commands fail too). I performed this on a newly built server in order to test backups before using chef12 for production.

To backup I issued:

 `chef-server-ctl backup -y`

To restore I issued:

`chef-server-ctl restore /var/opt/chef-backup/chef-backup-2016-08-12-20-09-41.tgz`

The error given at the end of the restore is:

`opscode-reporting Reconfigured!
 [ERROR] No such file or directory - opscode-analytics-ctl`

Since this chef12 instance is pre-production I can just blow it all away and start over, but I would like to understand why a simple backup and restore failed. Anybody recognize what might have gone wrong?

Hi dgolliher,
I’m facing the similar issue, Did you find any solution for this problem?

Thank you.


I rebuilt a new chef12 server, restored it from backup and haven’t had problems since.

I moved past my problem without ever fully understanding the solution. I am not proud of that, but sometimes it happens. Sorry, I can’t be more help.


Thank you Darrel for the update. When you rebuilt, did you install opscode-analytics-ctl ?

No, only chef-manage.

I’m doing the same. but the issue still persists. Is it something that I can ignore or is there any alternative to it? I’m using chef12.

Thank you in advance Darrell.