Rhel installation problems for chef-server


After installing chef on centos over the weekend, I thought installation on
rhel 5.7 would be a breeze

Ohai reports the platform as “redhatenterprisesever” , this breaks the
bootstrap installer

I got around it by hacking lib/chef/platform.rb and adding
"redhatenterpriseserver" to all the recipes. very ugly and I don’t want to
do this on my rhel clients, which happen to be 99% of my servers.

chef executables are in /usr/sbin/ but all init scripts point to /usr/bin
this may be the fault of how I installed rubygems rather than the boostrap

finally, there is an issue w/ the latest version of coderay that keeps
chef-server-webui from starting

gem install coderay --version ‘< 1.0.0’

I will try to get around to logging tickets for the last two issues