Role Attributes not working in shef?


I have the following code in a role which I have verified is loaded:

:syslogserver => {
:hostname => “sysloger01”,
:ip => [
:oldvservers => “32”

When I enter the shef shell with: ‘shef -z -c /etc/chef/shef.rb’ even
though it shows that the role is loaded and even if I do:

chef >“mainrole”)

=> role[mainrole]

I still only get results like these:

chef > node[:syslogserver]

=> nil

chef > node[:syslogserver][:ip]

NoMethodError: undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

chef > node[:oldvservers]

=> nil

chef > node[“oldvservers”]

=> nil

Any idea how I can get the attributes populated in shef? or is there
another way I can test them?