Ruby application with Private Git Repository dependencies

I have a ruby app (a Lita chatbot) which uses Bundler to manage some dependencies on libraries hosted on an Enterprise GitHub instance (tagged).

Is there any way to pass authorization information through to hab pkg build? It seems to swallow the login prompt for a HTTPS Git URL personal auth token prompt during bundle install, or times out when attempting SSH (no SSH Auth Socket, as far as I can see.)

I’d like to be able to hab pkg build locally for testing as well as inserting credentials during CI to be able to fetch these bundled Gem dependencies over HTTPS Git. Using the ssh auth socket would be awesome, but falling back to https login would be fine and proxy-friendly.

Has anyone managed to make this work yet? I think for the CI part, we can at least make an up to date source tarball before invoking hab, but I’m struggling for ideas around local development.

Hrm. What happens if you build it interactively?

I think you’re either looking at a wrapper so that you can iterate, or vendoring and then using the vendored libs in the build process.