Run .bat file or cmd in administrator mode from jenkins


i am trying to automate chef using jenkins.
when i run chef-client from jenkins (execute windows batch command or powershell ) instead of running it from node, i am getting below Missing Windows Admin Privileges issue, kindly help

F:\Build\jenkins_slave_workspace\workspace\chef-build>chef-client --once --force-formatter -o "recipe[Hybris-Backoffice::predeploy]" 
Starting Chef Client, version 12.16.42e[0m
resolving cookbooks for run list: ["Hybris-Backoffice::predeploy"]e[0m
Synchronizing Cookbooks:e[0m
  - Hybris-Backoffice (0.1.0)e[0m
  - windows (1.44.1)e[0m
  - chef_handler (1.4.0)e[0m
  - Windows_Service (0.1.0)e[0m
  - Java1.8 (0.1.0)e[0m
  - push-jobs (3.2.2)e[0m
  - runit (3.0.3)e[0m
  - packagecloud (0.2.5)e[0m
  - yum-epel (2.0.0)e[0m
  - compat_resource (12.16.3)e[0m
  - chef-ingredient (0.21.2)e[0m
Installing Cookbook Gems:e[0m
Compiling Cookbooks...e[0m
Converging 14 resourcese[0m
Recipe: Hybris-Backoffice::predeploye[0m
  * env[ANT_HOME] action delete
    e[31mError executing action `delete` on resource 'env[ANT_HOME]'e[0m
e[0m    WIN32OLERuntimeErrore[0m
    (in OLE method `delete_': )
e[0m        OLE error code:80041003 in SWbemObjectEx
e[0m          Access denied 
e[0m        HRESULT error code:0x80020009
e[0m          Exception occurred.e[0m
e[0m    Resource Declaration:e[0m
    # In C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/Hybris-Backoffice/recipes/predeploy.rb
e[0m     11: env 'ANT_HOME' do
e[0m     12:   value "#{node['Hybris-Backoffice']['path']}\\hybris\\bin\\platform\\apache-ant-1.9.1"
e[0m     13:   action :delete
e[0m     14: end
e[0m     15: 
e[0m    Compiled Resource:e[0m
    # Declared in C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/Hybris-Backoffice/recipes/predeploy.rb:11:in `from_file'
e[0m    env("ANT_HOME") do
e[0m      action [:delete]
e[0m      retries 0
e[0m      retry_delay 2
e[0m      default_guard_interpreter :default
e[0m      key_name "ANT_HOME"
e[0m      value "F:\\Hybris-Back-Office\\hybris\\bin\\platform\\apache-ant-1.9.1"
e[0m      declared_type :env
e[0m      cookbook_name "Hybris-Backoffice"
e[0m      recipe_name "predeploy"
e[0m    end
e[0m    Missing Windows Admin Privilegese[0m
    **chef-client doesn't have administrator privileges. This can be a possible reason for the resource failure.**e[0m
e[0m    Platform:e[0m