Run chef-client parallely in various nodes

Greetings Masters

What is the best way to run chef-client remotely in multiple nodes parallely? Some of my nodes are windows and others are Linux.

Manish Mehra

I am still waiting for your kind response. If there is no in-built feature then please suggest a hack.

For linux nodes you can knife ssh. For windows nodes you can knife winrm. If you can’t script between the two, you may want to look into push jobs.

My nodes are windows. Seems like push jobs is not available for Chef High Availability. And knife winrm is having trouble fixing this issue:

We use serf( and a homegrown tool called Blender ( for orchestrating chef run across the fleet. We run it exclusively on Linux, but I think it will work for you as well. You may not need the blender layer, and just serf event handler or consul watch might suffice.

Thanks @Ranjib. I am looking into serf.
Could you please tell how does it executes chef-client remotely?

Read up on serf event handler :slight_smile: . Docs are pretty solid. Only extra thing i’ll suggest is to use serfx::async job style module that executes chef-client in background… so that serf communication is not blocked during chef client run

Thanks a lot @Ranjib. This looks really cool. I am already excited about this tool.