Run nodes run_list from Chef Server

Hi Team,

Can we run nodes run_list from Chef Server by using API ? If yes, could you please provide chef server api’s url.


Do you mean you want to force a chef-client run on some machine?

Yes, we should be able to make a API call to Chef Server to execute run list on specified node/nodes.

Chef uses a pull-based model, there is no persistent command channel from the server to the clients. If you need this functionality, you need to run an orchestrator service. Chef provides the push jobs client/server system that does this, or there are alternatives such as rundeck. I'm sure others on this list could suggest more options.

as kalliste says Chef uses pull-based model, but it also provides push jobs model to force client to execute some commands like ‘chef-client’ , that’s what i am using now. Here is the link :

Can we use push jobs model on PROD chef servers which performs thousands of deployments(application code deployments through chef server) per day ?