Serverspec: Space in Path

At the moment I'm using the "should be_mounted.with" ressource to check the options in the fstab file.

Because of a space in the path I'm getting an error back.

describe file ('/path1/path2/path with space/path3'), :tag => "mnt" do
it { should be_mounted.with(
:options => { :rw => true},
:type => 'cifs',


Hiya! A server spec forum might have a different recommendation, but this might help too.

fstab is a whitespace-delimited file, so if your mountpoint has a space in its filepath, you'll need to escape the spaces in the text of the fstab file with "\040". So your fstab entry should include the mountpoint as


and that is what your test should be trying to match. Generally it's not recommended to have spaces in a mountpoint, but it seems to be pretty common when mounting remote filesystems. If your remote share name has a space in it, the "\040" would also apply there.


I'm using a Docker to run the tests. The Code I mentioned above is for testing in Docker (I should have mentioned that earlier). Docker uses Ruby to write tests and I don't know how to escape the Space.