Service group has no active members even though services are running

I am attempting to stand up a .Net app that has a binding for a SQL database. I am on 0.57 when I run hab svl load mwrock/ConostoUniversity --bind sqlserver.default the service loads but in the log I see the error The specified service group 'sqlserver.default' for binding 'database' is present in the census, but currently has no active members. Is there a way to check on the servers that have the sqlserver service group to for membership or restart it?

This page in the docs explains how to query the supervisor for information related to the services its running. Is that what you’re looking for?

So talked to @mwrock and it was a peering issue between the supervisor on the ASP node and the SQL nodes. The fix action was to stop the supervisor on the ASP node and remove the default folder and then restart the supervisor. This required the app to be reloaded but then it was successfully able to see members in the sqlserver service group.

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