Should Chef Delivery support Chef Policyfile in the future


I had tried the Chef Polocyfile for provisioning AWS instances in my company. and it worked quite well.
And I also wants to apply Chef Delivery workflow to improve our product’s quality.

I had read a lot of Chef Docs regarding to Chef Policy, there is always a WARNING told me that Policyfile is not supported by Chef Delivery, such as in policyfile docs it is saying

Policyfile is not integrated with Chef Delivery and is not supported as part of a Chef Delivery workflow.

Both “Chef Policy” and “Chef Delivery” are awesome. I wonder if it is OK if I apply Chef Policyfile into Chef Delivery Workflow at this time being.

Finally, Is there any timeline for Chef Delivery to support Chef Policy in the future.


Hi @chrisduong

I’ve found that sometimes different parts of the infrastructure need different cookbook pinnings. (Hence the possible need for something like Policyfiles). I’m not sure where the Policyfiles would go within a Chef Delivery workflow. If environments are the core pinning / promotion artifact of Delivery, then there wouldn’t be an easy way to integrate Policyfiles into this flow.

I suspect the Acceptance, Union, Rehersal, and Delivered environments are managed similar to the proto-delivery incarnation of cd-tools.

Cookbook versions were pinned and promoted through environments similar to Acceptance => Delivered.

At first glance, the use of Chef Environments as a pinning/artifact promotion would conflict pretty heavily with the concepts in use by Policyfiles.

Is there anyone from Chef who could weigh in on the accuracy of my thoughts on this? I’m shooting from hip here and haven’t dug into Delivery too deeply yet.


Hi all,

We’ve discussed scenarios in which the use of Policyfiles with Delivery might be desirable, most notably when working with AMIs or other “pre-baked” artifacts. However, we don’t have a broad use case for it at this time, and are thus not currently pursuing support for Policyfiles+Delivery. If you’d like to tell us more about your use case, we’d love to learn over at