Simple/cheap container hosting with is the cheapest and easiest way I was able to find to get a single container hosted online without any other moving pieces. The getting started guide gave me most of what I needed but I had to do some digging to find how to upload my own local Docker image.

The link above has a referral code that gets me free credits, cause why not

Here’s the complete path to getting your habitat-built container online:

# build your Docker image from habitat artifact
hab pkg export docker core/nginx

# upload your local Docker image to
hyper load -l core/nginx:latest

# run container on
hyper run -d --name my-frontend -p 80:80 core/nginx

# optional: allocate a new floating IP
hyper fip allocate 1

# optional: assign a floating IP to the container
hyper fip attach "<NEW FLOATING IP FROM ABOVE>" my-frontend