Slow Knife upload (saving the cookbook)

Hello Chefs,

knife upload is very slow compared to colleagues’. However, it’s not the upload itself but saving the cookbook that takes very long. The upload itself takes a blink.

-> knife upload cookboks/foobar -VV
Using deployment: dpt123
INFO: Using configuration from /home/g/repo/.chef/knife.rb
INFO: Validating ruby files
INFO: Validating templates
INFO: Syntax OK
**INFO: Saving foobar**        <--- takes very long
INFO: Uploading files            <--- fast
INFO: Upload complete!
Updated cookbooks/foobar

Any idea how to analyze this any further?
I tried knife rehash but that had no effect on speed.

Chef: 14.1.12 on Ubuntu 18.04

I analyzed the Saving step further and found out that it actually is calculating checksums and merging them afterwards:

But I still don’t get how the whole process takes about couple of seconds on my colleagues’ machines vs 1min52sec on my machine :frowning: