Spiceweasel 2.8 is now available

For those out there using Spiceweasel, I’ve finally put out a new
release rolling up many, many fixes and a few new features. If you’re
unfamiliar with Spiceweasel, it’s a command line tool that generates
knife commands from a simple JSON or YAML file which can be tracked in
version control. A few of the highlights for the 2.8 release include:

  • Flags for subsets of the manifest with --only
  • Support for an options key that tags on options to all nodes (Chris Yates)
  • Bundler support
  • Berkshelf 3 support
  • Updated Gem dependencies to match ChefDK
  • Rubocop cleanups (Andrew Glick)
  • Support for knife-vcair, cleanup of stale cloud providers
  • Massive rspec updates

This should be the last of the knife-based Spiceweasel releases, bug
fixes will still be made as necessary. The next major release will
focus on generating Chef Provisioning recipes (formerly Chef Metal).

Matt Ray
Director of Partner Integration :: Chef
512.731.2218 :: matt@getchef.com
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