SSL_CERT_FILE documentation is missing

Hi everyone!

Not sure where to put this topic, so I’m sticking it here. Also couldn’t find a github repo that hosts your website code. I’ll happily submit a PR if you point me to the appropriate place.

The documentation here:

Is lacking the SSL_CERT_FILE variable, which is the one I hunted down. This option was added via a community PR so probably never made its’ way into the documentation proper.

Anyway, I propose something like

| Variable       | Context | Default | Description                                    |
| SSL_CERT_FILE  | system  |   ???   | allows stupid corp users to userp the firewall |

This would have saved me some time. Thanks!

Hey! That PR was mine. :slight_smile: I documented inside the cli help menu but didn’t do it in the documentation. It definiately should be there.

Here is the page you most likely want to edit.

Thanks for this note - I’m adding it to the doc right now.

@tashadrew and @bdangit

Awesome, thank you both! Sorry I haven’t been all that responsive - got wrapped up at work.