Supermarket 2.8.34 released

Supermarket 2.8.34 was released today and is available for download at

Security Updates

  • 1462 - Upgraded curl to v7.51.0. curl is bundled in the omnibus package as a dependency of git.


  • 1454 - The tool-search API endpoint now has two new parameters: type to constrain search to a single type of tool and order to select alphabetical-by-name (name) or reverse-chronological-by-creation-time (recently_added). This was added to support searching for compliance profiles from the inspec command line tool (see chef/inspec#1219 and chef/inspec#1255 for more).

Bug Fixes

  • 1460 - UI was tweaked for the “Advanced Options” search toggle for small viewports, e.g. mobile. (Thanks, @tristanoneil!)