Supermarket 2.8.61 released

Supermarket 2.8.61 was released today and is available for download at


  • Cookbook version API endpoint now includes published_at the publication date on which the version was uploaded to Supermarket.
  • Cookbook view displays supported chef_versions and ohai_versions for currently selected cookbook version if those values exist in the cookbook metadata.
  • Several updates to user profile display and management:
    • The Keys tab under user profile management now displays the fingerprint for the public key associated with the user. Instructions are also given for verifying this fingerprint matches the user’s local workstation key and for how to tell Supermarket to update its copy of the user’s key from the associated Chef Server.
    • Field label text added for contact information. Previously, the label text would only appear in empty fields in the form.
    • JIRA username removed.


  • Upgrade to runit cookbook used in the omnibus install and configuration.
  • Upgrade project to Ruby 2.3.1.
  • Tweaks to the nginx log format to make it more easily parsed.


  • CLA signatures and management have been removed from the user profile tabs.