Supermarket 3.3.35 released!

Supermarket 3.3.35 was released today and is available for download at This release contains security updates for dependencies. Though there are no known vulnerabilities in Supermarket prior to these updates, this is a recommended upgrade.

Security Fixes

These updates resolve CVE scanner audits. No vulnerabilities were found in Supermarket's use of these components.


  • add support for enabling Server Side Encryption when storing cookbooks in AWS S3 #1888 (bdwyertech)
  • add packages for Amazon Linux 2 to the pipeline #1875 (tas50)

Maintenance Updates

  • update Foodcritic from 14.3 to 16.3 #1881 (tas50)
  • update Cookstyle / Chefstyle to the latest #1882 (tas50)
  • require Chef 14+ in omnibus now #1883 (tas50)