Token denied. Request lacks valid authentication credentials

I’m trying to configure my Chef workstation with Chef automate. I configured my user account in Chef Automate as admin, committer, reviewer, shipper, observer; SSH key configured as well. cli.toml config as following(I replaced the user and enterprise value for security consideration):

server = "***********************"
api_protocol = "https"
user = "***********************"
enterprise = "***********"
organization = "TestOrganization"
git_port = "8989"
pipeline = "master"

When I generate a cookbook and run delivery init, it came back token denied.

PS C:\users\******\chef-repo\workflow\ydk-test-automate> delivery init
Chef Delivery
Requesting Token
Press Enter to open a browser window to retrieve a new token.
Launching browser..
Enter token: xOBAs8HwEl5f1i8t-2lvAG_XlPJykhS1GlZtX_H3swM
token: xOBAs8HwEl5f1i8t-2lvAG_XlPJykhS1GlZtX_H3swM
saved API token to: C:\Users\yudongkadm\.delivery\api-tokens
token: xOBAs8HwEl5f1i8t-2lvAG_XlPJykhS1GlZtX_H3swM
Verifying Token: valid
Creating Delivery project...
401: Authentication failed
Request lacks valid authentication credentials.
  "error": "token_denied"

Any other configuration I missed?